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How To Raise Plates on Poser Created Title Belts

This video is a quick How-To on raising plates in Poser on Championship Title Belts using displacement maps. Although not a definitive tutorial, this will help you lay the ground work for raising plates in championship title belts. The belt prop in the video can be found as a free download here: http:///archives/category/poser-downloads I used Photoshop and Poser Pro 2014 in the video, however older versions of both programs should...

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Secrets to Opening a New Fed, and Succeeding

Nine out of every ten new e-feds don’t really ever get off of the ground these days. Whether is be lack of interest, lack of roster, or other factors, people seem to have difficulty opening an e-fed and keeping it going for more than five months. What I wanted to do today is share my secret of how a motivated and dedicated fed head can guarantee success within three to...

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Match Psychology

Match psychology: it’s more than just targeting someone else’s body part so as to set up your finisher, it’s about using every move from your moveset as a way to establish your character. Now there’s a good case for simply removing regular moves from an application list and offering a sufficiently detailed description of a wrestler’s general fighting style (along with a list of signatures and finishers) instead. Some e-feds...

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Match Writing 101

This post was written by Jeremy Miller of Many thanks for his permission to use it! ———– So you think you have what it takes to be a match writer do you? You’ve been given the greenlight from your fedhead in question and have just received your very first match! Exciting times are ahead for you as you get to blaze a trail of awesome match writing and getting...

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How Do I Get into the PDF Archive on eWscene When I Use ProBoards v5?

I’ve been asked this question enough times I felt it would be a good idea to go ahead and post an article about it. An increasing number of eFeds are going the forum route instead of getting hosting and creating websites. One of the most popular free forum host being chosen is ProBoards, a forum software that has been around since 2000. A few months ago they released version 5...


Micro Templates for the Micro Artist

I claim absolutely no credit for any image contained in this post. These templates have all been collected and archived from many different sources. All credit goes to each original artist and these are only provided as an archive so that they are not lost in the jumble of the internet. Apologies that these aren’t organized better. Maybe I’ll get around to it. Below you’ll find all sorts of templates,...


Microhero Basics 101: Shading Techniques

As promised the antique has been replaced, you may copy and refer to this new version as needed. Consult your Professors if you are not sure about the shading you have done. The purpose of this tutorial is to help you people out there with trouble shading a weapon blade or any other metal piece and give them that sharp shining look. To make things easier for you, the following...


Clockman89’s Five Chapter Match Writing Guide

Introduction: Match Writing Tutorial So you wanna be a match writer, huh? Fella, you got some nerve. It sounds easy. It looks easy. But it’s real easy to make a mess out of it. First of all, I’m going to assume you know grammar and spelling. We can excuse typing fast and missing a letter or an often misspelled move like Hurricanrana…or is it Hurracanrana… I can never remember, but...

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How to Write an eFed Roleplay

This article was written by a handler who goes by the name of Darkeklaw and published via HubPages in 2011. All credit goes to the original author. This is posted for historical and archival purposes, and is a good article.The original article can be found at ———- So you think you can write better than the people who make pro wrestling. You think you’ve got the chops to put...

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Microhero Basics 101: Resizing Micros

Byrne templates not your brand of cola eh? This is not too big of a problem and for this lesson Sever will take the podium. Today the role of “Atlas” is being played by “The Fool” When using this tutorial take into consideration the height of your subject in comparison to others in your reference.   *All credit to this tutorial goes to Rodimus of sVo from

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