Microhero Basics 101: Cut and Paste Method

Thought you could skate through Professor Seadragon’s tutorials eh? Silly you! I have removed most of the color from the clothing templates to discourage plagiarism, the only one colored is the body. This gives you the freedom to choose your own color scheme, while generally non-descript you can for example […]

Microhero Basics 101: Selecting the Body

Additional info not contained in the Tutorial- Tool options – To color large areas use the Paint bucket/ floodfill tool(Paint users be advised it will color everything of that base color on your image) Coloring options – In the case of Batman he can either be dressed in Black or […]

Promoting your eFed Part 1-4

PART 1 Today we’ll cover how to promote you fed. There are amazingly many ways to properly advertise your fed. Search engines are good there are many Internet sites that have multiple submission to search engines, one of them being http://addme.com. You can also do a search for “free webpage […]

Roleplay Guide

This column is designed for a beginner, or as well call them ‘rookie’. Someone who is new to eWrestling and doesn’t know where to start and how to write a decent roleplay. Let’s go over some basics: Roleplay: A roleplay, sometimes known as a “flash” is playing the role of […]

Character Creation Re-visited.

My character creation essay is a little out-dated and lacking a couple of key subjects that I never got around to updating. So, I will be using my word-press fueled blog and making an update. The Handler You are the handler, it’s a part of the backstage jargon of old […]

Character Development (Justin H.)

EW Tutorial: Character development Hello, so you’ve decided to develop a character for your favorite federation but your not quite sure how you should go about doing so. Well I’m here (in all my glory) to try and help. I’m not the greatest ever nor am I even close but […]

How to Write a Trios Tag Team Match

HOW TO WRITE A TRIOS TAG TEAM MATCH Trios tag wrestling as a Thing rather than an occasionally used gimmick match started in Mexico, and consequently Trios Tag is strongly influenced by the Lucha Libre style. Fast paced, few restholds, and a lot of moves in a short amount of […]

Character Development Worksheet

I was surfing around some eFeds this evening and came across one that had a forum post about guides to creating a fictional character. While most of them were basic, I found this particular image a very good starting point for someone trying to really get into character creation. I […]

Get a Domain Name for $.50/ Renew for Less Than $10/Year

Today’s Thursday tutorial is an expiring one. I am unsure how long this promo code will work, but I wanted to tell you how right now you can register up to three domain names for only $0.50 then renew them in a year for $9.99. http://www.register.com is a large domain […]