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NBW Presents: SLAM 79 – St. Louis, MO

ST. LOUIS, MO – The road to Legacy has begun! With our World Heavyweight Champion Lucky Carter taking on all challengers by means of his Open Challenge each and every week and event. Rumors are running wild with who will accept the challenge tonight. Could the former champion Derecho step up to the plate or will someone else look to take that step? Also tonight we will see the Rich...


NBW Presents: NBW LIVE! #PokemonGO and Greet!

ST. LOUIS, MO – With the ‘must catch them all’ craze in full swing courtesy of PokémonGO, everyone and their neighbors are out and about trying to collect the strongest and rarest Pokémon possible. From the beaches to the forests, and everywhere foot traffic is allowed, and even places it isn’t. The craze is so big that even celebrities and athletes are in on it. NBW is no different, especially...


NBW Presents: Road to Legacy Tour!

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – The fans of No Brand Wrestling were treated to another special night of action! The Colorado Springs Music Hall played host to a very unique venue where the ring was front and center on the stage! 50 Lucky fans who paid for special VIP seats and a few lucky contest winners saw their seats located on the stage with a barricade surrounding the ring! 1,452 fans...


NBW Presents: SLAM 78 – St. Louis, Missouri

ST. LOUIS, MO – Two weeks ago the world witnessed the super rookie’s dream come true as Lucky Carter defeated Derecho for the NBW World Heavyweight Championship. Tonight marks the first SLAM with him at the top of the mountain. This mountain is steep but there are many paths to the top and now Carter is the one that has to fight to remain at the apex. At Scorched we...


NBW: nbW/Kyoto Pro Press Release

The Players and Health Fanatics have agreed to join Japanese promotion, Kyoto Pro, on their latest 8-week tour. It is believed the deal has come about to strengthen relationships between nbW and Kyoto Pro in wake of their Openweight champion, Ai Tso, heading Stateside to join us. Both teams have competed in numerous Japanese promotions in the past, but they’ve never been contracted to Kyoto Pro. Kid Chameleon, Paul Sanders,...


NBW Presents: SCORCHED – Live on PPV!

KANSAS CITY, MO – The Sprint Center in Kansas City, and NBW have had some issues in the past. I mean, we did give them an unintended skylight over the ticket stands and entrance several years ago, courtesy of Owyns and Saunders falling through the glass dome’s ceiling. This resulted in a ban from competing there. But, we’re back! And I can safely say that the Arena withstood our arrival...


NBW LIVE! Night One – June 15th Report

KANSAS CITY, MO – McKnight here. Last night was another two-night NBW Live Meet & Greet with Action to top things off. This week’s is a bit special as NBW’s current roster of stars are being joined by some of best coming out of our developmental territory, PULSE. As a non-televised event you the fans tend to be left in the dark however we wanted to try something new and...

UWL Road to Pure Aggression 6-11-16 0

UWL Road to Pure Aggression 6-11-16

Link to Full Results:   UWL “Road to Pure Aggression”, 6/11/16 U.S. Cellular Center – Cedar Rapids, IA 6,900 Fans 1. Jacob Page vs. Kendall Wolfe (0:00) went to a No Contest 2. Shane Scott beat Yoshino Ryozo (4:14) with the River Styx Express 3. Ashley Williams beat Gentry McCray (8:23) with the Ash-Cension 4. Ardeshir beat Cory Chevelle (11:04) by Count Out 5. Mark Smart beat Billy Danielson...

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