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Open for Business

We have several things coming down the pipes in the coming days including some reviews and articles, but the cat is out of the bag on the link so we are proclaiming eW Spot officially OPEN FOR BUSINESS! I am very proud right now of the site and know as time continues good things will happen. So, take a look around, contribute, and just have fun. Welcome to the eW...


Makin’ Movement

Man I’m excited to see things fall into place. It’s still a few days until we really go public, but seeing content fill up is exciting. Big props to Ben for the eW Blog content, as well as the all original new interview with Eric. Real good stuff there. If you look around you’ll see many opportunities to promote your fed, please use them! That’s the sole purpose of this...


THE Spot for eW is Here

Chances are you are reading this days after it’s posted, and that is good as I plan on filling this site with content before I begin to advertise. My name is Eddie, and I’ve had the idea for this site for a long time. It wasn’t until I couldn’t take how stale things were before I decided to take action. Unfortunately, I have plenty of time but no money. With...

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