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EAW House of Glass heads to Brooklyn! @EAWTweetz

House of Glass featured professional wrestling matches with varying storylines from Dynasty Wrestling and their performers, called Dynasts. Dynasty Wrestling announced after Territorial Invasion that there would be a 10-Man Brand Rampage Match to determine the number one contender to the EAW World Heavyweight Championship. Brian Daniels would be on the commentary table as he will be there to watch and see who his opponent will be. Promotion Extreme...


The Official EAW Pain for Pride 8 Card! @EAWTweetz

Full competitor list: Matt Miles, Terry Chambers, A-Will, Kerry Keller, Maxwell Dachs, The Franchise Demon, JJ Silva, Daniel Marshall, Vic Vendetta, Luke Braxton, Chris Elite, Brett Kennedy, Salot, The Mexican Samurai (approved by the EAW board) & Aurora Rose!


EAW to add 4th weekly show after Pain for Pride 8! @EAWTweetz “Zack Crash: Ni-hou, Beijing! Hello to all of you beautiful people at home! I sure hope you’re enjoying this Triple Threat event, because if you like what you see now you’re gonna LOVE what we’ve got in store for you tonight. You see that’s the perks of having a company run by me… you get to see the quality of our product raise week after week, month after...


EAW has released War Made Wrestling, a new promotion with a lot of well deserved buzz.

War Made Wrestling was announced earlier today by EAW officials and it’s already spreading like wildfire. WMW decided to release their 2015 schedule to the public so that you can now purchase tickets to the first show. 2015 SCHEDULE FIRST BLOOD – May STATE OF EMERGENCY – July WHEN DARKNESS FALLS – September ART OF WAR I – 1st Week of December FIRST BLOOD | May 2nd 2015 |...

@EAWEFED Celebrates its 73rd Consecutive PPV, Reckless Wiring. 0

@EAWEFED Celebrates its 73rd Consecutive PPV, Reckless Wiring. BREAKING NEWS: Dynasty Releases National Elite Championship Scramble Match Contenders Tonight, Dynasty General Manager Sebastian Monroe decided to set up a meeting with the E-Fed Zone journalist and has decided that he was going to name the contenders for the National Elite Championship Scramble Match that will happen at Reckless Wiring. The current competitors in the match are the National Elite Champion Christopher Corrupt and his aimed number one...

@EAWEFED Most Valuable Elitist 9 0

@EAWEFED Most Valuable Elitist 9 Rising Star of the Week: Jack Pierce On the pre-show of Voltage this past week, Jack Pierce defeated VIP, Mr. Davis, Terry McGuire and The Franchise Demon and won the match after connecting with a Corkscrew 630 on VIP. Impressive to say the least. Could we be seeing more of him on Voltage and not on the pre-show? Show of the Week: Voltage If you missed Voltage this past...


EAW News & Rumors

Welcome ladies and gentlemen – my name is Dejan Madden – and I am installing the FIRST edition of EAW Dirt Sheet. Now, I must enforce this: I am NOT affiliated with EAW, or employed EAW itself. What is said in my weekly installments are not to be taken as 100% truth – for all of this is just speculation based off what I gather from EAW executives. It is...


EAW Most Valuable Elitist 7

Rising Star of the Week: Charlie Scene In the past week, there’s been a few returns here in EAW with Montell Smooth, GI Styles and on Dynasty, Carlos Rosso. One of the few that wasn’t mentioned or talked about much was Charlie Scene who returned on Voltage in a pre-show match and defeated Franchise Demon. It’s been over a year and a half that we last saw him in an...


EAW: Building of the 8 Year Anniversary

Main Site – Forums – STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT MATCHES ANNOUNCED FOR THE 8 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW! Answers World Championship/Elimination Chamber Hades The Hellraiser (c) vs Norman Hellion vs Devan Dubian vs StarrStan vs ??? vs ???  

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