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2 People + Another Country = Great Interview

Unfortunately the ICW is no more, and closed down shortly after this interview. But seriously, good stuff and gets you out of your element. Their website is still open and has plenty of affiliates to take you away into an unknown land. I have not edited this at all, so it includes translations as English was the second language.   ICW is a Germany based e-fed which has it’s “shows”...

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Josh Tam

Ben: Who are you and what fed do you run? Josh: The name is Josh Tam. I, together with a dedicated crew of players, run World Wrestling Xistence or WWX. Ben: How long have you been into e-wrestling? Josh: I’ve been into e-wrestling since 2002 Ben: How did you discover e-wrestling? Josh: I am a pro-wrestling fan and I was looking for an online multiplayer wrestling game. I found one...

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Jack Gard

Here is an interview I did back in 2007 when I was running EWZine.com. —————— [17:14] Ben: Ok, Well let’s begin with the basics. Who are you and what fed/e-wrestling site do you run/participate in? [17:15] Jack Gard: I am Jack Gard. I run the Millennium Wrestling Alliance for the last about 6 years. I role-play as Jackie Sweets and a few other sundry characters in different Feds. Probably nobody...

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Here is an interview I did back in 2007 when I was running EWZine.com. —————— Ben (11:55:48 PM): 1. Who are you and what fed/site do you run? Deadman (11:57:56 PM): I run the Honorable Wrestling Alliance and the National eWrestling Alliance as a whole. I’m also the graphics guy in the NeWA, so I’ve designed the AW’s new site, and the PSW’s home page. Ben (11:58:01 PM): 2. When...

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