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VCW: Anticipation for third show, Recruitment, talks with EWE

In what would be a rather hectic two weeks for Valor Championship Wrestling, life seem to be buzzing excitingly for the live taping of the third episode of Thursday Night Rage, expected to be aired on Hulu via digital time lapse release. Despite the VCW Championship Invitational kicking off on the next show, the promotion is looking to incorporate new wrestlers, male and female wrestlers looking for a venue to...

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How old is too old for eWrestling?

Hi everyone, Dirk here again with a slightly different column. I was originally going to post my eWrestling is like Game of Thrones editorial, but I decided against it. Instead, I want to touch on a completely different subject, something that everyone thinks about, but really doesn’t get mentioned enough in a public setting. That subject is: How old is too old for eWrestling? I’ve been sick for the past...

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Daily Poll 4/1

What age do you find acceptable to begin eWrestling? Make sure to explain your answer in the comment section below! [poll id=”33″] APP USERS!!!! Want to view this poll in the app? Click the red arrow at the top right corner.

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