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XWA To Relaunch in January with “Monthly Specials”

One month on from its “#SaveTheXWA” campaign, the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance is finally set and confirmed for a return. Announced via their official Facebook and Twitter pages, the XWA broke the news yesterday that the promotion will return in the new year, but it comes exclusive to The Zine that the now independently-run XWA will return under the guise of  12 “monthly specials”, the first of which en-named XWA Lives...


“#SaveTheXWA”: What we know about the current crisis in XWA.

In late September 2015, the world was shocked to learn that the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance, an infamous and niche promotion, closed down operations for the foreseeable future. No one anticipated the shutdown, and it seemed that due to an internal battle between the Board of Directors and the Sabbath Regime, the XWA was on the brink of civil war. With the promotion in crisis and no one willing to come forward...


TV Championship to Return at Lord Of The Ring! (XWA News, July 2013)

The news has been teased for a few months, the request has been made for  several years but now the XWA Television Championship has finally returned, and it couldn’t be at a better time, either. A long time ago, for those not in the main event scene at the time, the TV Championship was a highly sought after title, with prestige comparable to the XWA’s Hardcore title, currently held by...

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