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Please: Take EWZine Off Life Support

The views expressed in this guest submitted column may not necessarily by those of eW Spot as a whole. The Internet is a big place and the e-wrestling community is even bigger than most of us know. Every day you can discover a new site you didn’t know already existed. That makes the experience as fun as it is; to be able to share a common interest with others no...

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Dan Long

Here is an interview I did back in 2011 when I was running EWZine.com. —————— Ben Halkum 9:40 am Alright, first off thank you for agreeing to take your time out for this interview. For those who may not know, who are you and what are you “known” for in the e-wrestling world? Dan Long 9:41 am I am Dan Long, and im best known for my angle efed, fEar...

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Josh Tam

Ben: Who are you and what fed do you run? Josh: The name is Josh Tam. I, together with a dedicated crew of players, run World Wrestling Xistence or WWX. Ben: How long have you been into e-wrestling? Josh: I’ve been into e-wrestling since 2002 Ben: How did you discover e-wrestling? Josh: I am a pro-wrestling fan and I was looking for an online multiplayer wrestling game. I found one...

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