New partnership develops with GEW, VCW Invitational Rules Being Changed

At the beginning of this month, promotions Valor Championship Wrestling and Global Elite Wrestling signed a working agreement, allowing for a proper exchange of talent for the upcoming shows that VCW will be hosting. With the VCW Invitational having brought a considerable number of people to compete, it has been […]

Roleplay Guide

This column is designed for a beginner, or as well call them ‘rookie’. Someone who is new to eWrestling and doesn’t know where to start and how to write a decent roleplay. Let’s go over some basics: Roleplay: A roleplay, sometimes known as a “flash” is playing the role of […] Writing a Match Guide

*This guide is meant to be an archive of a resource site that is no longer active. We take no credit for the creation of this guide.* Match writing for an e-fed can be a difficult thing to accomplish: it takes planning, skill, diversity, creativity, and a defined standard of […]