Internet Wrestling Federation —— Re-Opens!

UPDATE IWF is back! The app has been re-submitted. Awesome news. ORIGINAL It’s no secret, I’m an Internet Wrestling Federation fan, well was. I was updating the PDF archive this morning and when I went to I was greeted with a site offline page. Well, if greeted means kicked […]

Our First eFed App Has Been Submitted

It will take 5 to 7 business days before we know if the app is accepted or rejected by Apple, but the Internet Wrestling Federation will soon (hopefully) have it’s very own iOS application. Now, it will not be the first eFed app on the market as the fWo did […]

Without Efeds, there is No Hobby

This was originally posted on the EWZine forums, and reposted to EWNexus and the eW Blog with permission. It is a very good article written by Dean Mason who runs the IWF. I read today someone say that e-fed owners doing their “job”, posting good results on time, catering to […]