Character Development (Justin H.)

EW Tutorial: Character development Hello, so you’ve decided to develop a character for your favorite federation but your not quite sure how you should go about doing so. Well I’m here (in all my glory) to try and help. I’m not the greatest ever nor am I even close but […]

Jesse Ramey

I’ve known Jesse for a while, listen to him on EFG and recently had him on The Shoot. He’s a nice guy and it was good to learn more about him. At one point the interview gets pretty interesting, this is a definite read. OK, thanks for agreeing to spend […]

Justin Herrion

My latest interviewee is a good friend of mine and has been in the game for a long time. If you like angle feds, chances are you know who he is. OK, thanks for agreeing to spend some time with me today Let’s go ahead and begin. For those who […]