New partnership develops with GEW, VCW Invitational Rules Being Changed

At the beginning of this month, promotions Valor Championship Wrestling and Global Elite Wrestling signed a working agreement, allowing for a proper exchange of talent for the upcoming shows that VCW will be hosting. With the VCW Invitational having brought a considerable number of people to compete, it has been […]

Full Intensity Wrestling Rankings

I’ve just been listening to the FedWars radio broadcast from the iOS app and with rankings being the order of the day, I thought I’d add my own version of the Full Intensity Wrestling rankings. FIW doesn’t have a rankings system, more because some feel it needs to be more […]

eWrestling is like The Big Bang Theory

According to IMDB, The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom that shows what happens when hyper-intelligent roommates/physicists Sheldon and Leonard meet Penny, a beautiful woman moving in next door–and realize they know next to nothing about life outside of the lab. Rounding out the crew are the smarmy Howard Wolowitz, who […]

The Hard Sell

Hi, I’m Craig Thompson and this is my third column on  Before I begin this week it’s been pointed out that I’ve been talking about FIW and the personalities involved and not included the Full Intensity Wrestling link, which is: This week’s column is about Selling. A friend […]

Interpromotional Anecdotes

Hello, My name is Craig Thompson and this is my second column here on In my first column I discussed my reaction to Matthew Jessop’s column, Why eWrestling is Terrible and much like Matt, I’m postponing my intended subject to react to his latest column; eFed Myopia is Terrible. […]

eWrestling is like the Walking Dead

Hello eWSpot readers. My name is Dirk (an obvious pseudonym) and I’m one of the new influx of columnists eWSpot. This is my first column in the  “eWrestling is like..” series, where I’ll dive head-first into the different areas of eWrestling with a slightly different take on things. Essentially, I’ll […]

eWrestling Is Not Terrible

My name is Craig Thompson and this is my first column on I’m currently caretaker of Full Intensity Wrestling, which recently hit its 10 year anniversary of uninterrupted shows, and participating as Hal Moore (an evolution of the above Clay ‘Chainsaw’ Krueger). I’ve been a member of Neo Gothic […]

Some Late Night Confessions

I remember it clearly, it was the middle of November in 1996 when I discovered eWrestling with my high school best friend. We were searching for wrestling websites, and found wrestling simulators. We thought this was the coolest thing ever, we could take real life wrestlers and create our own […]

Without Efeds, there is No Hobby

This was originally posted on the EWZine forums, and reposted to EWNexus and the eW Blog with permission. It is a very good article written by Dean Mason who runs the IWF. I read today someone say that e-fed owners doing their “job”, posting good results on time, catering to […]