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The Nerdiest Rambling Ever: My E-Wrestling Story Pt. 1

This article is from http://ryansdrunk.com and was posted just last night. Ryansdrunk.com, home of Ryan’s Drunken Ramblings is where former eWrestling handler and fed head, Ryan Harms, gets drunk and rambles He does not fix typos or spelling errors when he sobers up, and maybe his views are a little whacked sometime, but I implore you to make sure after reading this eWrestling article from http://ryansdrunk.com that you go visit....

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Travis Beaven Column from ’02

I’ve never understood the phrase, “Life sucks and then you die.” The actual meaning of the phrase seems pointless. Life sucks. Okay, well, sure. Then you die. Well, no argument there. So what is the point? Yes, I do understand the intent. It’s meant to be flippant and thus trendy and hip. This is what the 90′s have brought us. Meaningless phrases designed to underscore how little we care about...

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