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Sanctioned Violence Organization

Fed Reviews are based on a variety of areas. Reviews are meant to be taken as strictly the reviewer’s opinion and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of eW Spot or those associated with the site. —————— SANCTIONED VIOLENCE ORGANIZATION http://www.svolasvegas.com OPENED: 2007 (With A Few Breaks) OWNER: Jon Page TWITTER: @sVoLasVegas TYPE: Role-Play ROSTER SIZE: 15-20 Sanctioned Violence Organization is one of those eFeds that don’t get enough recognition...

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Showdown #95 hit the air last night and man, was it a busy night!  Sebastian Hawke disobeyed the orders of General Manager Roscoe Shame and quickly found out that it wasn’t such a great idea.  The World Champion faced off against his hated rival Cody Williams in a great match that involved an unforseen third party.  The main event was a rematch from last week when Las Vegas Champion Reichous...

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