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Character Development (Justin H.)

EW Tutorial: Character development Hello, so you’ve decided to develop a character for your favorite federation but your not quite sure how you should go about doing so. Well I’m here (in all my glory) to try and help. I’m not the greatest ever nor am I even close but after 4 years I have picked up a few tips that could help. One of the first things you need...

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How to Write a Trios Tag Team Match

HOW TO WRITE A TRIOS TAG TEAM MATCH Trios tag wrestling as a Thing rather than an occasionally used gimmick match started in Mexico, and consequently Trios Tag is strongly influenced by the Lucha Libre style. Fast paced, few restholds, and a lot of moves in a short amount of time. Trios matches tend to be what some people call “spotfests” – lots of quick action and big spots, with...

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