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The Hard Sell

Hi, I’m Craig Thompson and this is my third column on EWSpot.com.  Before I begin this week it’s been pointed out that I’ve been talking about FIW and the personalities involved and not included the Full Intensity Wrestling link, which is: http://z4.invisionfree.com/FIWII/ This week’s column is about Selling. A friend of mine, Mjölnir or Tim to his friends, has the following quote in his signature both in FIW and at...

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Interpromotional Anecdotes

Hello, My name is Craig Thompson and this is my second column here on EWSpot.com. In my first column I discussed my reaction to Matthew Jessop’s column, Why eWrestling is Terrible and much like Matt, I’m postponing my intended subject to react to his latest column; eFed Myopia is Terrible. Matt talks of cooperation between e-feds and explained a story about a fed I assume he participates in, the Armbar...

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