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New partnership develops with GEW, VCW Invitational Rules Being Changed

At the beginning of this month, promotions Valor Championship Wrestling and Global Elite Wrestling signed a working agreement, allowing for a proper exchange of talent for the upcoming shows that VCW will be hosting. With the VCW Invitational having brought a considerable number of people to compete, it has been decided from higher ups to change the rules of the game.  Having realized the potential it could generate, the VCW...

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VCW: Thursday Night Rage Streams

Hulu today released the first episode of Valor Championship Wrestling’s show, Thursday Night Rage, citing technical delays were the cause of the first episode being released on time. Tune in now to catch the action as the VCW Championship Invitational begins. SOURCE: http://vcw-enterprises.proboards.com/

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Whisper to make In-Ring Debut (XWA News, June 2013)

For months, we heard his name. On Twitter, the account @alliancesdemise was created, alluding to his ominous nickname. In March we finally learned his name, and now in June…the man known only as Whisper has finally come to the XWA. And yet even with all the build-up, we still know very little about him, which is disturbing.  Referring to himself in plural state (“We are Whisper“), referencing a mysterious force known...

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How A Wrestling Boom, Could Equal an eWrestling Boom

Last night was an amazing night to be a professional wrestling fan. If you watched WWE Monday Night Raw, then you saw the crowd reaction and how pumped up they were. I don’t know when the last time I actually stopped what I was doing to watch Raw instead of having it on in the background. It’s like they gave us everything we hoped and desired for at WrestleMania on...

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