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We are still trying to find a good, automated way to do this. Until then, please hit us on Twitter or our forums with a link to the fed/site in question and a link to a 88×31 image for the link. We appreciate it if you can add a link to us or one of our buttons, but it is not required. We ask that you include a description of your fed/site, let us know what type of fed you’ve got so we can categorize them more efficiently.

KWI Coalition Pro Wrestling Frontier 4 Corners Wrestling Extreme Answers Wrestling Boardwalk Wrestling Ladies All-Star Wrestling wrestleUTA
The Showcase feds have been part of the weekly running Fed Showcase on the site. This also means that we have information pertaining to the efed from one of the owners which you can view.

Jolt Wrestling NBW Defiance Wrestling
These feds are typically booked by means of furthering running storylines and angles. The competition is far less of a factor as you are actually working together with other handlers to put on a great show. Matches and segments are used for character development and angle progression rather than Roleplays.

vw bcw NIWA pw -BSW- -OCW-
These feds are typically going to be where the results are shown in the form of a played out match by the handlers, staff or just the AI through one of the many wrestling video games. There may be Roleplay elements involved to determine the winner of said matches. Each fed may be different and in future Efed Showcases they can clarify their specifics.

NFW pcw dominion
These feds are typically a mixture of various types such as: RP, Angle, Satire, Dice, Strat, ect

wrestleUTA gpw uwl new prw pwfrontier fiw xwa

Sin Wrestling ngw wew uwf 6wf cpw ghw iwf ftw iwc wxw scw

owf scw xwa EPW FFW

NEW pcw pdw

4W Redemption gzwa epw awa ukwf Warped KWI 4CW boardwalk vcw law iiW EAW Uncensored INC GPW

These feds are usually straight up Roleplay based where the best roleplayers determine the outcome of the matches. The results are then wrote either by match writers and staff, the handlers, or even just the fedhead alone.

athena fcw fsp gen ewe

CVC I Love Dick


poser factory Efed Guerillas Efed Rankings The E-fed Journal ATW Efed Truth The One Ring Circus -JTF- -FW-

*Please note some not all sites that have 88×31 buttons in our vault supports eWscene They are there for the purpose of promoting their fed and getting new eyes on their product.*