Fed Vault

Currently being rebuilt from the ground up.
After all, a good 50% more of the feds within the vault have closed.
That is the nature of our hobby.
New Feds Open. Close within weeks/months. Another new Fed Opens. Closes few weeks later.
The loop continues.

Disappointing isn’t it? :)

Change that!

If you run a EFed, tweet @TheEWZine with your 88×31 button (ours is in the footer of the site here) and the following:
Fed type (RP/angle/hybrid/caw/ect) –
Duration (Opened when? Or how many years running.) –
Normal show schedule (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/ect) –
Fed Website Url  (or board url) 

You can also provide this information on the forums as linked here!

Alternatively you can use the site contact form or Comments below, providing the above information.