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    Warrior Wrestling League

    Find the Warrior Wrestlign League at...

    Its a small federation, not a lot of bells and whistles. This federation aims to be a role-playing game above all else; it intends to be an intense competition between the characters but not necessarily a competition between the writers/handlers. I also don't intend it to be a burden or responsibility to players, but rather something to do for fun and for an escape. I should add that one of the major goals of result-writing is to utilize the characters handlers create in a way that befits the characters. Characters won't be mistreated or degraded based on a handler's perceived writing ability, their treatment will be based on in-universe considerations and on the writer's best interpretation of the character.

    Hopefully at some point the website evolves beyond its simple message board format, but mostly, I'm just looking to have some fun running an e-fed again.
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