Over Four years of E-Fed live Entertainment dominance so far! As each year goes by, WWE:17 Inc. becomes more and more exciting with new fresh ideas for our members involving them into Storylines aka Plots.

We are an Exciting Wrestling e-fed that promotes storytelling and storylines over all else. We are a competitive promo/story based RP site with weekly results Monday Night Raw right now as a monthly Pay Per View. Our Next, stop is called HELL IN THE CELL! It will be Hell those lose in the end at that Event. With that being said I am not here to put you to sleep like others before me posted a thread. I am here get your attention spite your interesting in Joining the WWE!We have plenty of good top superstars, and Divas are still available right now! Like the face claims to run the Place JOHN CENA! let's nor forget about A.J Styles.... You can check out at our site by looking over the Talent listings page. One thing for sure at wwe 17; your future in your hands at Creative Writing. WWE17 welcome to WWE 17 YOU'RE FUTURE IS NOW!" You can find out our limits we do have them trust me you find them in our Rule Book.Rules|