Yo whats up EWZine readers!

Me and couple of friends from an old efed we ran until recently are looking for people to join up in our new reboot. We've jumped ship to a new forum platform (Jcink) with plenty more options for customisation. We're looking to try and get a few more interested roleplayers to help us increase the roster size.

If you don't know what efedding is. Essentially, it is a form of roleplaying where we assume the roles of wrestlers in a company and compete for fun. With storylines and championships fresh for the taking. Usually there is a mix of loose scheduling with these kind of things. My efed, GCW, are looking to try and at least run a deadline where shows come out every 2 weeks. This will give roleplayers enough time to write and keep them from getting burned out early. Pay-Per-View events are quarterly. Taking place every 3 or so months. If you would like to know more, we have a discord chat available here : Discord

Anyone is welcome to come and sign up at the website here Website