Back in 2002, Triple H was number one contender to Brock Lesnar’s WWE Undisputed Championship, but Lesnar became exclusive to Smackdown leaving Raw without a World Champion, Triple H being number 1 contender was awarded the revived World Heavyweight Championship by then Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff. Till this day some people are still angry about this even though rules dictate that the number 1 contender is sort of like a runner up in a contest if the winner is unable or unwilling to fulfill their duties, than their crown passes to the runner up (in most cases.) Lesnar refused to face Triple H (in storyline) at the time and jumped ship to Smackdown. I believe he (Lesnar) was a face at that point and if that’s the case ducking a particular challenger and taking your ball and going somewhere else would have been a largely uncharacteristic move for a face in any time period. Some fans are still irate over Triple H just being “handed” the title even though if he would have won it in a match (as it was going to him anyway most likely) the match would have more or less been a formality with Triple H ultimately going over an opponent or perhaps several opponents and becoming World Heavyweight Champion anyway in spite of the obvious rule allowing him to just be given the title due to his number one contender status.