Keys to Surviving

There are five main points to keep your fed interesting and up to date, to attract new people and new visitors. Number one point is, to UPDATE EVERY day! If you update everyday then you will get noticed as a federation with a dedicated and always on the ropes updating […]

Running a Successful E-Fed

Why do so many eFeds fail? This isn’t an actual statistic, but my guess is that the average lifespan of an eFed is two months. That’s because many don’t make it past their second show. It isn’t always the owner’s fault. But usually, it is. There are two main reasons […]

Match Writing v1.0 – Novice

Hey y’all. I wrote this for novice writers in Shootfire Pro, and was wondering if anyone here would like to add to this and make it a better version for 2.0 -in any case like to hear, here go! I wrote this in tribute to Disney’s Goofy how to videos. […]

WWWBoard v2.0A2.1

If you’ve been in the hobby since the late 90s to early 2000s and say you’ve never seen the WWWBoard script, I’ll call you a liar. This was THE board back in the day. I am seeking the “Latest 5″ modification made for it, if you have it, hit me […]

Tom Ford/IWO Script v0.3

This “Script” is basically three separate CGI scripts bundled together to make enough to run an e-fed. No directories are in the zip file, and must be created in retrospect to what the files call for. Fun little thing to play with and think the days when CGI ruled eW. […]

Eric Isaksen

Thanks to eW Spot opening, I am very happy to return to my roots in interviewing. The first original interview for eW Spot and my first of 2013 is here and with Eric Isaksen.   ME: Ok, thanks for agreeing to spend some time with me today. Let’s go ahead […]

THE Spot for eW is Here

Chances are you are reading this days after it’s posted, and that is good as I plan on filling this site with content before I begin to advertise. My name is Eddie, and I’ve had the idea for this site for a long time. It wasn’t until I couldn’t take […]

Some Late Night Confessions

I remember it clearly, it was the middle of November in 1996 when I discovered eWrestling with my high school best friend. We were searching for wrestling websites, and found wrestling simulators. We thought this was the coolest thing ever, we could take real life wrestlers and create our own […]

Robert Thompson

Even though I’m not in Texas anymore, I’ll always be a Texan…. at least till that crap wears off. Either way, I got to interview a fellow Texan and good friend. Enjoy. ——————– Me: Alright, to start with thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell the readers who may […]

Carl Potter

All the way from the UK, Carl potter, handler of Silent Witness in HOW and 12 year eW veteran, did a sit down with me today. Enjoy! ———- Me: Alright, to start with thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell the readers who may not know you, what your […]